From Pastor Barry Hildebrandt



              “For unto you is born this day in the city of David…”  Most (if not all) of our efforts and time during December will be done in anticipation of these words which are so familiar to us as Christians.

              The many activities – the rush of gift buying, preparations for family gatherings, the additional hours for choir practice, the sending of cards, the decoration of trees and houses, the added worship services – will all place added pressure on already busy schedules.

              Therefore, as we move forward into these days, it is with some trepidation and uncertainty that we recognize all which must be done.  As a result, many of us experience moments of quiet despair, wondering if it can be done and whether things we do and plan will meet the expectations of others.  In contrast to all of this, Advent (with its emphasis on waiting and preparation during these next several weeks), offers us a time to be still and listen to the Lord as we focus both on His First Coming and on His Second Coming. 

              So here are some words of advice from a friend of mine, lest we lose sight of the real reason for our celebration:

  • Take some time just for yourself each day.

  • Share your Advent devotions with your family.

  • Read the Christmas Gospels.

  • Attend some extra worship services.

  • Listen to some Christmas carols each day…and sing along!

              As you look for other ways to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, remember the concluding words of the Scripture with which this note began.  The celebration is about “…a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”  I pray that you have a blessed Advent and Christmas Season!

 ~ Pastor Hildebrandt